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20nicrmo5 Steel

Carbon 0.14 - 0.19 Manganese 1 - 1.3
Silicon max 0.4 Sulfur max 0.035
Phosphorus max 0.025 Chromium 00.8 - 1.1

EN 353 steel has carbon content material of 0.17 % & probably the most usual form of steel, because the carbon content material raises, the material becomes tougher & harder. It's observed that the hardness & wear resistance of the EN 353 steels elevated after the warmness therapy & the micro structure is exchange from ferrite to marten website. This grade is in general used for a lot of automobiles functions comparable to heavy duty tools, shaft, pinion, cam shafts and gudgeon pins.



  • En 353 steel has a carbon content of 0.17% and the commonest form of steel as it provides material properties that are acceptable for several automobile applications such as significant duty gear, shaft, pinion, camshafts and gudgeon pins. It’s neither outwardly brittle nor ductile due to its lower carbon content and lower hardness. Because the carbon content will increase, the metal becomes more durable and stronger.



Acceptable for many automobile applications such as heavy duty gear, shaft, pinion, camshafts, gudgeon pins. / Machining components.



Thermal Conductivity at °C W / (m*K)
20 11.3
350 13.3
700 14.5



Soft Annealing °C 630-670
Cooling Furnace
Hardness HB max. 270


Stress-relief Annealing °C 150-200
Cooling Furnace


1st pre-heating °C 2nd and 3rd Hardening °C Quenching Tempering °C Hardness after Teperature HRC
up to approx. 400 in an air-circulating furnace 780 and 850 780-820 810 °C Oil ,Quench at least twice 150-200 62 – 64